Prologue: A Guardian Story released!

Well….DAYS ago…. orz I’m delayed in posting about this because I’m still busy with coping up with office and commissions…ANYWAYS, TO THE GAME!
pro_wall2 copy
Prologue is a JRPG game made by my friend Doc Bea of Senshi.Labs (and now maybe my boss lol) from my past work in Anino Games. She commissioned me to work the character designs for the game and it was niiiiice = u=)<3 and its hereeee~~ (bec I always wanted to work on JRPG or any anime/manga style games)

Here’s the trailer of the game~

and you can buy the game for $2.99 on and Desura!
~aaaand  here’s one of the main characters from the game~
Well…posted one above but this is the “almost” full version :))).

Hope you support and buy the game~! :D.
Its my first cover/character design release too! ;w;)<3
if you want to know more information what the game’s about:
Click this link to read it in Senshi.Labs site~



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2 responses to “Prologue: A Guardian Story released!

  1. Mas gusto ko pagkakagawa mo ng header here. LOL. Onga no, di ko naisip gamitan ng white to separate one character from the other. XD

    • Sao

      UWA— Me wordpress ka pala?? D:

      ah naisip ko lang lagyan ng white, gusto ko kasing gawing wallpaper sa bahay hahaha

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